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January 23, 2017
Special Education


NOTE TO STAFF: Special Education forms, documents, professional development information and Staff Resources is now located on BERT.

Learn More about Special Education

Special Education Resources for Districts and Families

Special Education Division Information

Beyond BOCES: Special Education News and Information

Student Publications


Student publications

Maywood School Matters blog is back! maywood matters blog

Written by student reporters, this blog gives students an opportunity to work toward their literacy goals on a real-world, 21st-century forum, while highlighting school events and classroom lessons and showcasing the innovative instruction happening in our special education division. Posts about the our own school election, the October poetry slam and a dramatic performance by the Cap Rep Theater Company can be found by clicking here.

Special education Resources

CSE resources

CSE committee members: Check out the CSE resources page, which provides quick access to program info, special education regulations, workshops and other resources to help you serve your students.  

IEP Web Booklet 2016-17

To support the important process of developing a meaningful IEP for our students, we are providing the following set of guidelines and requirements that have been developed over the years for use within our BOCES system.  


Resources for families

At our family resources page youll find a growing listing of workshops, activities for children, teens and families, local organizations and reference materials on topics related to special education.


Parents Bill of Rights

The Parents Bill of Rights is now available, a posting required by the New York State Board of Education. Click here to open the document in PDF format.


Capital Region BOCES testing transparency report

You may view the report by clicking here.


Release of student directory information

Capital Region BOCES has an opt-out policy regarding the release of student directory information. You can find details here.


Special Education Division Information

Special Education program offerings

Find a comprehensive listing of BOCES Special Education program and related service offerings from the services guide here.

Contact and location information

Administrative contact, program location and staffing information can be found here.

Division overview

Frequently asked questions about BOCES Special Education division program offerings, populations, philosophies and operations are answered here.

Beyond BocES: Special Education News and Information

New York State Education Law

Find an overview of current New York State Education Law, regulations and guidance pertaining to special education and students with disabilities here.


Federal Special Education Law


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