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January 22, 2018

Rita Levay, Interim Deputy Director

Robert Mark,
Student Placement Administrator


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Special Education

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The Capital Region BOCES Special Education divisions mission is to provide quality educational programs for the students we serve in a safe and caring environment, allowing students with diverse needs to achieve their individual potential.

The Special Education Division offers educational and therapeutic programming for students with disabilities ages 6-21. Programs include direct instruction as well as resource room and consultant teacher delivery models commensurate with the continuum of services recommended by the New York State Education Department.

Capital Region BOCES supports special education programming for all age groups in public school settings as well as stand-alone, BOCES-operated facilities located throughout the Capital Region.

The division also offers program therapeutic supports, including: speech therapy, psychological counseling, physical and occupational therapies, Teachers of the Deaf, Teachers of the Visually Impaired, Orientation and Mobility, consultant teachers, interpreters for the deaf, school psychological services and assistive technology services. These supports also are available itinerant basis, which allows school districts to contract service providers on an individual basis for their own programs.

The specialized populations served by the Capital Region BOCES Special Education Division include elementary-, middle- and high school-aged students who present with autism spectrum disorders, severe and multiple disabilities, emotional disturbance, hearing and visual impairments and specific learning disabilities. Our intake process is designed to carefully consider each students needs on an individual basis and make program recommendations that best support each students levels of functioning in the least restrictive environment.

Based on the intensity and breadth of student needs, the special education programs are available through Capital Region BOCES in the following areas:

Program Key
E     Elementary
MS   Middle School
HS   High School
T     Transition


Alternate Assessment

Regular Assessment

Itinerant Services

BOCES offers schools the opportunity to share the services of profession educators and related service providers on an individual basis to support district special education programs.

Related Services

The following additional program-related services are available to supplement BOCES Special Education programs. Please see the related services chart for specific pricing and CoSer information.

  • 1:1 aide
  • Social work services
  • Occupational therapy and evaluation
  • Speech therapy and evaluation
  • Physical therapy and evaluation
  • Visually impaired/rehabilitation/orientation & mobility services and evaluation
  • Interpreter for the deaf
  • Notetaker for the deaf
  • Program nurse
  • Job developer

Special Education Grants

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