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January 22, 2018

CoSer: 226-4220

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Contact (h5)

Rita Levay, Interim Deputy Director
(518) 464-6300

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2016-17 PRICING:


College-based Transition Experience (CBTS/FSI)

The College-based Transition Experience, located at the College of St. Rose in Albany, is a program option within the FSI strand that provides students with a post-secondary experience on a college campus. In addition to a classroom-based, functional skills academic curriculum in reading, writing, math, communication and self care, students audit one college class per semester. They also participate in a variety of work-based learning activities on campus and in the community. The student/teacher/aide ratio is 12:1:1. (T)

Program Snapshot
  • Student/teacher/aide ratio: 12:1:1
  • Ages served: post-secondary transition


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