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January 22, 2018


CoSer: 319-6813

Service Codes: 319.000, 319.101, 319.020


Debra McGarvey
(518) 464-6351


2017-18 PRICING:

$28,023 ADR

$736 Daily

$151 Hourly


2016-17 PRICING:

$27,622 ADR

$725 Daily

$148 Hourly





Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology Services include the following options:

  • District need and resource assessment
  • Individual Student Technology Consultations (STC)
  • Professional development on topics related to assistive technology
  • Classroom consultations
  • Technical assistance in providing instructional materials in alternate formats (AIM)
    Assistive technology will be available for loan and extended assessment on a limited
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