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November 22, 2017

CoSer: 503-6320

Service Code:


Jen Cannell

(518) 464-5102


2017-18 PRICING:
Cost of database + 14% coordination fee

2016-17 PRICING:
Cost of database + 14% coordination fee


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School Library Services: Databases

This service provides students, teachers and administrators of schools that subscribe with 24/7 access to online educational database resource collections.

We assist schools in the purchase of online databases and learning resources in a cooperative environment. The School Library System is part of a statewide consortium that negotiates pricing with vendors, resulting in a significantly lower than list price when purchased through BOCES.

All of the public school districts and non-public schools in our area receive Noodle Tools and Teaching Books through the School Library System at no cost to the district or school. Additionally, a New York State grant provides free access to NOVELny databases, a collection of 11 online databases, covering all curricular areas.

The advantage to using a database over general online searching is the quality of the information. Databases are online editions of information that was originally in print, including newspapers, academic journals, and magazines. These sources have already been edited for accuracy and grammar. Students and teachers do not have to evaluate database content to determine whether the information is appropriate for research.




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